Kids Entrepreneur Holiday Market!!

North Charleston -South Carolina

Kid Vendors:

The Kids Entrepreneur Holiday Market is proud to provide a safe environment for kids to practice and sharpen their entrepreneurial skills.


Kid vendors must be between the ages of 7 and 17 and can offer a variety of products and services at the Kids Entrepreneur Holiday Market.


All ideas are encouraged and we will try our best to accommodate them.


Kids can work together as a school group, scouts, a local fundraiser, with friends, siblings, or alone. Some examples of products and services offered by Kid Vendors are: DJ’s/musicians/bands, jewelry, Make and Take crafts, toys, costumes, face painting, balloon animals, original art work, fundraisers, magnets, paper weights, upcycled/repurposed items, and more!


Baked goods are allowed, but must be labeled with appropriate labeling along with ingredients. We encourage parents to assist their children when necessary (ie; purchasing supplies, getting organized, using the oven, driving)

BUSINESS Sponsor Booth:

If a parent makes items they MUST apply as a BUSINESS sponsor, separately from their child’s booth. If we feel that you have broken this rule you and your child will not be invited to return, this includes promoting your own business or website at your child’s table.


This is a learning experience for the kids, please do not abuse this rule to promote your own business, it is unfair for the other kid vendors to compete with an adult business.



Space is limited  One (6-8) foot table with a table cloth and 2 chairs will be provided. Kids will need to provide any signage with name/business name, age, and prices (signs can be hand-written). By filling out our registration form, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above. Fill out our Kids Entrepreneur Holiday Market Pre-Registration below & an onsite parental/guardian signature is required at the event. 

Pre-Register include what Product/Service:

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Hosted by: Scott's Grand Reception & Corporate Center, Carolina Teen Center, Destiny Community Cafe, Phi Beta Sigma...

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